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Soul Calibur through the years (1998-2012)





 "This sword is my destiny..." - Ivy Valentine (SoulCalibur II) 


Happy Birthday Soul Calibur V (01.31.12 – 01.31.13)


Soul Calibur V – Ivy


Honestly, what’s with the whole “Defense of Ivy” shit or whatever. Is there seriously a problem with a character of the SC series after 15 years? Who cares if she wears tight/revealing clothing, who cares if she was part of the bad side? So do other characters from the game wear revealing clothing (yes, obviously not as revealing but I don’t think there’s much of a probably in V, I mean it was only in IV where her clothing was the most.. “showy”). Plus, I’m pretty sure half the roster for the game is apart of the bad side as well.

Sometimes I think people with stupid opinions like this should just keep it to themselves because look what this has resulted in. –Ivy’s always been the one to point at in the game for being the “slut.”  Honestly just learn about the characters first and see if your opinion’s about them change. Nevertheless, just fucking play the game as it was meant to be played. 

Get over it. 


Soul Calibur II Bead Sprites [x]: Taki | Cassandra | Ivy | Talim | Sueng Mina | Sophitia | Xianghua


Alright, I have a question. I don’t know how to make GIFs and I would like to. I’d really like to make photosets of Ivy and other characters from the game. I mean, yes I do technically know how to, but it’s those shitty websites that make the GIFs either in very low quality or have the website watermarked on the GIF. I don’t have photoshop to do this, is there any other way for me to make quality looking GIFs?


“Well aren’t we cheeky? alright, then.” 


Favourite Gaming Characters - Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)
“For better or worse, this sword is my fate.”


Anonymous asked I have to ask, why do you wear combat outfits that are so... revealing? I'm guessing that its because either A: You just roll like that, or B: Its comfortable and not restrictive on movement. Am I right?

Well darling, not all of my equipment is “revealing”. You must realise that first. To answer your question though, I would have to say B+C, It is comfortable and it does not restrict my movement but also it describes me in a way. I don’t mean to be vain but, it’s sexy, beautiful, elegant, fashionable and shows that I’m a strong and fearless woman. Just because I show skin, does not mean I’m a slut. The only one who are so ignorant to say so are the one’s who, well, are weak and easy opponents.


snakesw0rd asked Ivy, where have you been? There's a serious lack of you around here. D:

I do apologize about my absence but I have personal things going on in my life right now and so I’m not on tumblr as much as I used to be. I do promise that I’ll eventually start reusing this Ivy/Soul Calibur blog once again. Once again, I am sorry that I’m not as active as I used to be.

This is my personal blog (if you’re interested).


I’m still speechless. I just maximized my experience points in SCV and I checked the leaderboards to see my rank and, well I was so fucking shocked to see this.